The Natural Mini Man

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The Natural Mini Man

The Mini Man is the natural friend you've always been missing.

He listens but doesn't judge, he never complains and he lovingly cradles a living air plant in his arms - bringing you the healing benefits of nature wherever he goes!

Natural Wooden Mini Man With Living Air Plant, The Cutest Indoor Wooden Planter
It really is the perfect natural companion.

Made out of natural pine wood with magnets in both the hands and legs, each one holds a beautiful air plant that has all the benefits and healing properties of nature right in his hands.

The Mini Man can be positioned in so many ways on his natural wood magnetic stand!

Your going to love this cute little plant holder and feel the benefits of nature right by your side.

The Mini Man AirPlanter comes with a living Tillandsia Air Plant for him to hold lovingly in his hands, legs, feet or even on top of his head! The plant will be a T. Ionantha and is perfect for indoor use and one of the hardiest air plants being extremely easy to care for.

The plant will be hand picked for its unique shape and individual character. The plants we send are greenhouse kept and will always be sent healthy.


x 1 Modern Man AirPlanter
x 1 healthy Air Plant (Ionantha)
x Air Plant care instructions


- 11.5cm tall (with the stand)
- No shipping of live plants to WA, NT or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions