What are Air Plants?

Air Plants are a testament to the wonders of nature, having naturally evolved to grow without soil. There are hundreds of different species all sharing the same unique gift - the ability to absorb water and nutrients through their leaves.

But, why are they a gift?

Because air plants purify the air.

Not only do they absorb nutrients through their leaves, but they also take in harmful toxins from paints, plastics and cleaning products found in our homes — which we breathe in every day. They take in the bad and release harmless by-products instead.

You can literally give the gift of clean air to the person you love. 

Described as virtually indestructible and only needing a once a week soaking. They'll live for years and grow old with you. It's not uncommon to pass them from generation to generation. And they are the same price of a bouquet of roses (that won't last a week).

That's pretty hard to beat.

Tropical by nature, one day healthy and happy plants will bloom exotic and colourful flowers that can last for months and afterwards continue the cycle of life by producing up to 12 babies (or pups).