Our Story

AryPlants is a plant-decor design studio based in Sydney, Australia. 

Born out of a passion for exotic airborne plants and a love for handmade, natural and seamless design, AryPlants are on a mission to revolutionise how we interact with plants in our spaces.

Plants enrich spaces. They create peaceful havens that revitalise us and help us reconnect with nature. They bring life to every space and increase the quality of our own.

"We went on a mission to revolutionise how we interact with plants in our spaces"


However, our ever smaller living arrangements are limiting how we integrate plants into our spaces.

Big pots with lots of soil are difficult to water and take up precious floor space. Hanging pots can be (drilled/attached) to a roof but it creates an uncomfortable and heavy feeling. Bulky plant shelfs take up too much space.

Not to mention, the difficulties incorporating plants in kitchens, bathrooms and children's rooms.

"It contradicted how nature should be - light, easy and simple. We wanted that natural feeling without the heaviness."


AryPlants found the solution.

Specialising in unique plants that are unrestrained by the confines of soil and flourish suspended in the air, it made it possible to add a touch of nature in every space. 

Dead hanging space, empty walls and bare tables can now be brought to life with beautiful exotic plants — without heavy pots or messy soil.

"Air plants are unique since they absorb nutrients through their leaves and (with the right design) can be placed absolutely anywhere."


Every AryPlants design is handmade by real people with loving hands, using natural materials consciously sourced, with seamless damage free installations. You now have the freedom to effortlessly intertwine our original designs with any space.

"We strive to keep our designs handmade, natural and simple so you can create a warm welcoming environment by adding a touch of green in every space."