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Celtic Orb

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Celtic Orb

The Celtic Air Plant Orb is a unique piece of living art.

Each piece has been handmade using natural wood with a dark walnut finish. 

Created to embody a Feng Shui flow of energy, the circular design has no sharp edges and instils a zen like peace wherever it can be seen to float and twist naturally in the air. 

It offers a feeling of calmness and tranquility, a welcomed reminder to stop, breathe and appreciate the simple beauties amidst the never ending torrents of life.

At the center of the Celtic Orb is an air plant which in itself has air purifying and calming properties associated with nature. 

The plant chosen is a Tillandsia Aeranthos and is a very slow growing plant. Over the years, it will naturally expand and envelope the orb adding to the overall aesthetic appearance.

Total unrestricted air flow allows the plant to breathe happily and the natural movement as it twists and turns in the air gives the plant the possibility of 360 degree light. The plants are greenhouse kept and will always be sent healthy.

Delicately hand-wrapped using safe and strong aluminium wire, the plant can easily be removed for watering and care. 

Included in every purchase is an adhesive hook that can be easily placed on your roof without damage. No nails, drilling or holes necessary.


What's Included?

+ 1 x Celtic Orb (15cm in diameter)
+ 1 x Hand-wrapped healthy Tillandsia Aeranthos
+ 1 x Command Hook to attach to the ceiling for easy hanging (can be easily removed without damage)
+ Black macrame string
+ Air Plant care guide and instructions

No shipping to WA, NT or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

Plants may differ in size, colour and shape as picture shown.