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Living Sculptures

How are these pieces created? We are glad you asked.

There's an unbelievably passionate and talented wood craftsmen who hand makes each block. He and his wife strive to ensure the wood is ethically sourced to the highest standard. They only use storm affected, wind-fallen and seasonally trimmed wood from their own property. But that isn't even the start of it. 

They aim to create using nature - and keep it as close to nature as possible. Minimum tampering with the wood is undertaken during the treating, sealing and coating process.

This ensures each piece is as close to what nature intended as possible, while being safe, strong and durable at the same time. 

Each piece is unique in itself and may have signs of natures path such as wood knots, superficial cracks and natural indentations embedded in its appearance. The colour of the wood ranges from light golden honey to deep rich browns. 

When you feel the weight, texture and smoothness of the finish you will know that you are holding a piece of natural woodland forest in your hands.

Each Air Plant will be hand picked for its unique shape and individual character. The plants are greenhouse kept and will always be sent thriving and healthy.

Delicately hand-wrapped using safe and strong aluminium wire, the plant can be watered easily without damaging the piece.


What's Included?

+ 1 x Woodlands block (4x4cm)

+ 1 x Living Capitata Peach Air Plant

+ Care Guide

No shipping to WA, NT or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

Plants may differ in size, colour and shape as picture shown.